KINNIE (Malta)

KINNIE (Malta)

Food in Malta is a pretty big deal. The Maltese love food and their cuisine is so full of flavour. It's undeniable that passion, love and dedication are the key ingredients.

Very much inspired by local produce, traditional recipes passed on through the generations and having similarities in flavour influences to neighbouring countries, yet unique in its approach to freshly available ingredients, traditional Maltese food is something you just need to try!


Kinnie is a soft drink produced only in Malta and it's a bit like Marmite or Bovril if you're British. Don't worry, I'm not referring to the flavour, I'm referring to the fact that you either love Kinnie or you hate it.

Personally, I really like it, particularly on a hot summer's day. It's a drink that has a bittersweet flavour that it owes to a particular type of bitter orange (referred to as Mediterranean chinotto) that you're unlikely to have tasted before and is definitely worth trying. It's also a great mixer to try with spirits like vodka and rum and usually tastes best cold.

If you want to go 'pro', there's a variant called 'Kinnie Zest', which has a stronger, more pronounced flavour. Similar to the original, just stronger (and either better or worse depending on your personal taste).