You might be one of those people that need a cuppa in the morning to refresh yourself. Instead of drinking coffee like everyone else, you opt for tea and it's likely that those tea bags you sink into a cup of hot water is actually a product of Lipton, arguably the world's largest tea seller.

Below are some fascinating facts about Lipton you might not know!

- Thomas Lipton was the founder of Lipton, the tea brand we know today. He was convinced that the secret for success was selling the best goods at the cheapest prices. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

- Lipton was founden 126 years ago!

- Lipton tea is produced in a way that is non-detrimental to the environment. Now, you can drink your cup of tea in peace!

- Worms???? Those regular users of Facebook wouldn't have missed this: some time ago, a woman posted a video of her opening up a Lipton tea bag, and pointing out that there were worms in her tea bag. Another video was posted, this time, by Lipton to debunk this misconception. They explained that there were no 'worms' - instead they are small lemon flavour pieces. To prove their point, they disolved the pieces in hot water. The 'worms' disappeared. Thankfully.

- Yellow is the colour of the Lipton brand. Yellow was chosen because it reminds us of vitality, quality and natural goodness.

- Lipton is available in over 110 countries, but despite so, not all countries have all its products.