QUEENS, a good place to be born.

QUEENS, a good place to be born.

Kerry Ann Davis, one  of our English teachers, was born in Queens, New York and grew up in Sayville, Long Island, New York. She went to University in Buffalo, which is also in New York, but it is 10 hour drive from Sayville!


Many people think the capital of New York State is New York City, but actually it is Albany. Albany is further North and central than New York City. New York State is mostly rural and has a very big dairy industry.

When Queens joined New York City in 1898, it was mostly countryside. Over the next 60 years, it developed as a suburb, although Queens is also considered to be urban.


New York City is a very fast-paced place. New Yorkers are famous for always being in a hurry and for their sense of humour. A very long-running comedy show, 'Saturday Night Live', is filmed in New York with great New York comedians. Some famous comedians fror 'Saturday Night Live' include: Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Dan Ackroyd, James Belushi, Adam Sandler, Bill Murray, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jane Curtin and many more.


When she goes to New York, she loves to first go to South Street Seaport. It's a beautiful area on the docks. There is a mall there with some interesting shops and you can go to the food court and have a drink outside on some lounge chairs, looking at the views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

After, she walks up to Chinatown -it is a very long walk but worth to see the city first hand. In Chinatown, she likes to eat at one of the many restaurants. She recommends us go to one where you can see Chinese diners, so you know it is authentic and not a 'tourist trap'. Some shops and restaurants are underground, so you must to down a flight of stairs from the sidewalk. After lunch, an interesting place to visit is the Chinatown Ice Cream factory. They have an amazing range of flavours, some quite strange like ginger or even potato!

Next, she walks up to Little Italy, where they have a coffee and some cannolis, which are Italian pastries filled with cream. (Now you understand why she walks so much). If you go in September, there is the San Gennaro Street festival in Little Italy, which is a load of fun.

In short, if you go to New York, you are sure to have a very good time!