A review is usually written for an English-language magazine, newspaper or website. The main purpose is to describe and express a personal opinion about something which the writer has experienced (e.g. a film, a book, a holiday, a product, a website, etc.) and to give the reader a clear impression of what the item discussed is like. Description and explanation are key functions for this task, and a review will normally include a recommendation to the reader. 


'A gig to remember'

Without doubt, the British rock band Artic Monkeys have given this year's best live show. As teenegers a few years ago, they made the fastest selling album ever but seemed shy and awkward on stage. Now they have matured and become and amazing live act.

Since the frontman Alex decided to cut his hair and dress like a skinny rock star of the 1950's, he moves confidently around the stage, waving his arms and encouraging us to shake our hips. The crowd were ecstatic!

The set began with their hit, 'Do you wanna know'. The guitar playing was tight, as always, and the rhythm supported by Matt's powerful drumming. The band were on top form throughout, winning fans with a list that combined older with new hits.

My only reservation is that although the songs haver clever lyrics and great melodies and sound fresh every time, some lack the emotional and poetic force of their best.

But this is a minor criticism. Overall, it was a performance to remember and all fans should try and catch them while they're on tour.